How to disinfect your Bluelab products during COVID-19

By Kasha Dubaniewicz on May, 8 2020
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Kasha Dubaniewicz

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COVID-19 is an infectious coronavirus that affects the respiratory system. The World Health Organization (WHO) has stated that good hygiene practice is one of the best ways to halt the transmission of COVID-19.
This is why it’s never been more important to safeguard the health of you and your team members by incorporating the regular disinfecting of your Bluelab products into your daily standard operating procedures. 
Domestic detergent has been identified as one of the most effective protective measures against COVID-19. That’s because each COVID-19 virus particle is surrounded by a lipid (fatty membrane) barrier. Put simply, detergent dissolves this lipid layer, which deactivates the virus particle.
You will have widely seen the advice to wash your hands for 20 seconds; the same rule applies for disinfecting your Bluelab devices. By scrubbing for 20 seconds, this will ensure that the detergent covers the device and enters all the small gaps. Remember to only use cool water, especially for pH products, as this will protect the pH probe bulb.
Below, we've listed the cleaning agents you can use to disinfect your Bluelab products. We advise disinfecting your device before and after every single use, especially for any product that requires direct contact, such as our pens and handheld meters and probes, or for products that are used by more than one person.
Bluelab product Recommended cleaning method Caution
  • pH Pen
  • Conductivity Pen
  • Truncheon
  1. Wash for 20 seconds with detergent
  2. Rinse in cool water
  3. Dry with a clean cloth or paper towel
  4. Replace KCl for pH storage
  • Don’t use soap
  • Don’t use warm/hot water
  • pH Probe
  • Leap Probe
  • Inline pH Probe
  1. Wash for 20 seconds with detergent
  2. Rinse in cool water
  3. Dry with a clean cloth or paper towel
  4. Replace KCl for pH storage
Don’t apply water to the BNC connector, as this may cause corrosion. Use an alcohol wipe if required.
  • Combo Meter
  • Multimedia pH Meter
  • Pulse Meter
  • Guardian (all versions)
  • pH Controller (all versions)
  • Pro Controller
  • PeriPods
  1. Use an Isopropyl alcohol wipe (minimum 60% alcohol content) or apply with a clean cloth
  2. Replace KCl for pH storage


Demonstration: How to disinfect your Bluelab pH Pen


Please note:
  • You should only use products from our Bluelab Probe Care Kits to clean your pH probe bulbs or EC electrodes. These should never be in direct contact with your skin, as the natural grease from fingers could coat and damage the probe or electrode surface.
  • Submerge only waterproof Bluelab products; these include the pH Pen, Conductivity Pen, Truncheon, Pulse Meter and pH probes.
  • Before initiating any of these sanitising methods, please ensure that the battery compartment of your Bluelab device is sealed and closed correctly to prevent water damage.
By following the procedures above, you’ll be complying with best practice to prevent the transmission of COVID-19 within your environment. This is just another way that the Bluelab team is helping to keep you and your team safe during the ongoing COVID-19 global health crisis.


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