Rolling Packaging Update

By Tracey Bradley on March , 21 2022

In this rolling update, you will find the latest date stamped updates and official communications on Bluelab's packaging rollout. Each update will indicate the expected release date, what changes to expect, and links to updated photos and marketing collateral you can use.

21 March 2022 Latest Truncheon Packaging

Bluelab Truncheon Packaging and Retail Display_663x398

As a valued retailer, you may have noticed the packaging is now different for the Bluelab Truncheon and Bluelab Truncheon Commercial. Now, whether you stack it or hang it, the iconic Bluelab Truncheon looks great on display.  


  • The new box is easier to stack in glass cabinets. No more balancing rolling tubes. 
  • It looks more attractive in glass cabinets with the new branding elements lining up to create a prominent Bluelab “B”. 
  • The high-gloss cardboard has gone through shipping testing, it will stay clean and not crush under normal circumstances. 
  • The option to hang. The hole in the top flap fits the blue lanyard through for hanging on prongs and hooks. 

Here are some great talking points for your customers: 

  1. New look, same Bluelab. It’s the same great product, we haven’t changed anything.  
  2. Bluelab is passionate about creating a healthier world. Removing the plastic case has helped us remove 3.36 tonnes of plastic from our packaging every year.  
  3. Our Truncheon is one of the most robust tools on the market, with a 5-year limited written warranty. It doesn’t need a case for storage. 

We’re thrilled to bring you the new Bluelab Truncheon packaging. We believe this is the future of Bluelab, where customers and retailers have a consistent and exciting brand experience in-store.  

  • Put out those Bluelab brand kits which include a static cling and shelf talkers  
  • See our Instagram, @Bluelabofficial, to see how other retailers are stacking their Truncheons in-store 
  • View our asset library for new photography for your social media and marketing 

Have more questions? Contact your Bluelab rep today. 

Availability:  Shipping and on store shelves now. 

Marketing Links: 

Truncheon Merchandising and Display photography



Bluelab_Probe Cleaners

What: You will notice a color change for the Probe Cleaner tubes included with these kits to create clear identification for end-users.

  • The EC Probe Cleaner tube will change from a blue tube to a white tube.
  • The pH Probe Cleaner tube will change from a white tube to a blue tube.

These packaging changes coordinate with the primary use of white for all Conductivity products and the primary use of blue for all pH products.

All other Care Kit components and contents remain the same. You will also find our updated 18ml Solutions Sachets inside.

Availability:  Shipping and on shelves now.

Marketing Links: 

New Care Kit Product Photography


3 November 2021 Truncheon Product Photography

Bluelab New Truncheon Photos

You can now find new Truncheon and Commercial Truncheon product images in our Digital Asset Library.

Truncheon Meters 

Commercial Truncheon Meters 

Truncheon PDF Sell Sheet


16 June 2021 - New Trunchon Launched 

Truncheon is one of the first products that will appear in stores in July 2021 with our new branding and packaging. The Truncheon will no longer ship in plastic packaging, supporting our purpose for greater sustainability. 

You will see it arrive in recycle-grade cardboard with the product instructions and features now printed on the outside of the box—helping us eliminate inserts, plastics, protectors, and liners—as well as more than 3.5 tons of materials from landfills. 

Expected release date: 1 July 2021 

Marketing links: New brand kits