Rolling Digital Asset Library Updates

By Cathrine Hosking on March , 21 2022

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21-March 2022 Truncheon Merchandising Tips

Check out some clever ways to display and merchandise the new Original Truncheon and Commercial Truncheon boxes in your store. Hang them...Stack them...And sell them! 

Truncheon Merchandising photography

Bluelab Truncheon Packaging and Retail Display_663x398


3-November 2021 New product photography

Visit our Product Kits to find new product photography. 

Truncheon Meter

Commercial Truncheon

Leap pH probe

pH probe

Bluelab New Truncheon Photos

28-October 2021 More product flyers 

Download our new PDF sell sheets.

Truncheon flyer

Multimedia pH meter flyer

pH and Conductivity pens flyer

Posters & Flyers_Digital Asset Library


21 July 2021 - New product flyers available

Combo Meter flyer

Combo Meter Plus flyer

Bluelab_Combo Meter and Plus Flyers


7-July 2021 - SAMTUB photography and guide

Our new Sample Tube and Fitting replaces the Bluelab Sample Pot.  

Product Photography

Sample Tube Getting Started Guide

Sample Tube_Library


8 June 2021 - New layout and updated training 

Have you seen the new asset library layout? we have taken feedback on board and made it easier to find what you are looking for by organizing our assets into kits. Introducing the Advertising kit, Brand kit, and Product kit. As you can see the cards now indicate the contents making navigation even easier. You can find updating training in the training link under the Already a user section at the top of this page.

 filecamp kits