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Bluelab and the House of Science — supporting our future growers

By The team at Bluelab on January, 13 2023
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The team at Bluelab

We’re celebrating eight years of partnership with the House of Science.  

In 2016, Bluelab partnered with The House of Science (Te Whare Pūtaiao) to support raising scientific literacy in New Zealand. Since then, the not-for-profit organisation has expanded to create science resource kits for over 600 schools, empowering teachers and students aged 5-12 to develop their science knowledge and skills. 

The library of bi-lingual (English/te reo Māori) resource kits contain everything needed to deliver curriculum-based science lessons – from lesson plans to fun, hands-on experiments. The kits cover a vast range of science topics, from rockets to climate change, and are distributed and maintained by volunteers to over 500 schools every year. Every two weeks, 30,000 students learn science using these kits. 



This year, Bluelab is proud to support the House of Science for the eighth year running by sponsoring the Climate Change (Huringi Āhuarangi) kit, which teaches students about Earth’s systems, ocean acidification, plants, and the greenhouse effect.  

In this kit, students learn about plants and the importance of water for our planet’s ecosystems. The activities are fun and engaging, and most importantly, they teach students key science capabilities. The kit also demonstrates the importance of water to our planet – all the skills young people need to be the growers of the future. 


“Our vision is to build scientific literate children, young people and communities, not just to get them into scientific career paths but so they look at the world through scientific lenses and make informed decisions about the welfare of themselves, their communities and the planet.”

Chris Duggan, Founder and CEO of the House of Science  

Connecting industry experts to the classroom 

The House of Science also connects industry workers and scientists to classrooms to give a glimpse into ways science is used in the real world. This gives students a glimpse into what their future STEM career might look like – and we are excited that several Bluelab employees are now part of the new program.   

Our future growers need the skills to supply more food with fewer resources for our growing population. Bluelab is committed to supporting initiatives that advance our belief that education can help to support a healthier world.   

Partner with the House of Science  

If you’re a New Zealand company and would like to support the House of Science with either a kit or employee volunteering, read more about their work in the scientific community and apply.     

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